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Pasado's Safe Haven

Blue Water Bottle

Blue Water Bottle

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Created to honor our charming 2,700-pound gentle giant named Blue, this double wall vacuum insulated bottle will keep your favorite beverages hot or cold for hours! 12 oz, stainless steel, featuring a rubberized and smooth body. 

We rescued Blue as a baby in 2008 after he was discarded from the dairy industry. Like all male calves born on dairies, Blue was taken from his mother right after birth so the milk she was producing for him could be sold to humans. Since his rescue, Blue became a beloved part of our herd. His size shocked many visitors, as Holstein steers like Blue rarely live long enough to reach adulthood and their full size. At over 6 feet tall, he could look intimidating. But he was the sweetest animal, often referred to as our grass puppy.

Blue recently passed away at the sanctuary. He is missed by many and he helped pave the way for more animals like him to find peace and sanctuary. 

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